Our bed arrived on Halloween. That was one hectic night with the children at the door and the bed in various stages of uncrating in the living room. We were quite excited by the beds arrival and we proceeded to put it together that night. The individual pieces were impressive, but the fabricated structure was a fine piece of furniture – functional, yet beautiful. We applaud your endeavors in the field of fine furniture making. One hope is that other individuals will also enjoy the fruits of your labor. May your business remain profitable and your output high. If we can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, thank you very much.
— James | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The number 3300-Queen bed arrived here in Casper during my absence from the city, and my wife surprised me with it completely assembled and ready to use when I arrived back home. I am writing to say what a delight it is to have this fine piece of furniture, and it exceeds all my expectations. I hope that in the future, as my children get older, we will have occasion to order more of the same from you.
— Blair | Casper, Wyoming
The bed arrived in good condition and is now installed in our house. My wife and I are delighted with it. It is truly a magnificent piece of furniture and in every sense a “Classic.” I would be pleased to recommend your company to anyone and you may use this letter as such if you so desire.
— John | Oil City, Pennsylvania
The bed arrived, safely, in good condition Friday, last week. I want to tell you how very pleased we are with it. It is excellently made and your catalog doesn’t do it justice! We appreciate the workmanship and care that has gone into it. Thank you again, for calling to tell me of the shipment and its impending arrival.
— Rosalie | Pembroke, Maine
Our bed arrived beautifully crated and within a short time it was assembled and to our delight, it even surpassed our expectations. Our sincere thanks to your entire staff for creating such beautiful heirloom quality beds. We are pleased to be the owners of a Reid Classic.
— Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. | Cupertino, California
After a missed delivery on Friday, we finally received the bed on Monday. My wife and I assembled the bed in what must be record time for amateurs with no previous experience, and I am happy to say that we are delighted with it. Not only is the bed very attractively finished, but it is as solid as a rock, and I have no doubt that our great grand children will one day cherish it as I think we will come to. (And we do not even have any children yet!) The workmanship is good, and the bed fitted together well – tightly, but without strain.
— John | New York, New York
I have received my bed and would like you to know how very delighted I am! You should be very proud of Reid Classics quality workmanship.
— Dolores | Lexington, Kentucky
I must tell you that when I saw your advertisement in the Magazine Antiques I expected your beds to be of high quality. When I saw your product I was very impressed. The workmanship is truly outstanding and the finish is beautiful. Thanks for this excellent bed.
— B. S. | Colonial Heights, Virginia
My bed (7700 double with tester 50S) arrived June 12th in Greensboro in perfect condition. I wanted you to know that my bed is the most beautiful one I have ever seen! The finish is the perfect color. The bed is exactly what I wanted, to the last detail! It is prettier than I ever dreamed it would be. I just want you to know that I am a delighted customer, and shall recommend your fine reproductions to everyone in my area. I enjoyed doing business with you folks, and wanted you to know how pleased I am with my bed.
— Kem | Asheboro, North Carolina
The bed arrived yesterday in good condition. It is quite lovely, and I am most pleased with it. I am leaving directly for Brazil, but when I return I want to order another bed for my other room, possibly the “Old English Bed” since it goes well with my eighteenth century furniture. I have a few questions though, and shall ring you up when I get back.
— Douglas | Woodland, California
Once again a beautiful Job! My clients are thrilled with their bed – you did a superb job!
— Laura Chester Interior Design | Bethesda, Maryland
I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the poster bed you made for us in April. It perks up the décor of the entire bedroom, and it competes with several authentic period pieces! We had some reservations about doing business through the mail, and not seeing what we were ordering in person, but my fears were without justification. Doing business with you was a pure delight, and we are very satisfied!
— H. Altman | Manhasset, New York
Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how please we are with our beautiful bed. It is absolutely gorgeous. We are so happy that we heard about your company and even happier that we have one of your beautiful beds. No double you will be getting more orders from Milwaukee as all my friends are envious and are asking to see your catalogue.
— Anne H. | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What a beautiful piece of furniture! Our bed arrived on time and not a scratch on it. We set it up with the help of a friend who earns his living as a carpenter and cabinet maker. He is seventy years of age and he has worked with the best. We really helped him. As he was fitting the pieces he kept saying how wonderful it was to work on something so well made and where everything fit so perfectly! Thank you for your marvelous product.
— Ann L. | Southport, Connecticut
I am very pleased with the 3 Beds you made for me. 2 last year (Pencil Post) and this year our 8400 bed. With many thanks and best wishes!
— David D. | London, England
This is truly a fan letter. After a slow start of assembling our bed the 6300 bed is standing in our guest room. It is the work of real craftsmanship. We are so thrilled with it and can hardly wait to have it draped. If it turns out as beautifully as I think it will, I may send you a picture of it. Thank you so much for being a company that still makes handmade items and takes such great pride in their work.
— Mrs. Frank M. | Memphis, Tennessee
We received the bed in good order several days ago. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. The bed is so beautifully made. It is everything I dreamt it would be and more! Thank you for keeping us so well informed along the way.
— Frankie L. | Los Altos, California
Thank you very much for the beautiful job done in making the bed which I received this week. I am delighted! The quality of the wood, the way it is finished, and the workmanship leave nothing to be desired.
— John G. | New Orleans, Louisiana
Two Christmases ago, we gave our daughter one of your beds. I meant to write immediately to tell you of our joy at your workmanship but put it off and here it is two later. My daughter loves sleeping in her bed, especially with the curtains drawn. Her room is charming—primarily because of the bed. Some day we hope to come back to you for a four-poster for our bedroom. Do stay in business! Quality work is a rarity these days. Thank you for being one of the exceptions.
— John L. | Galena, Ohio
How can I put into words the way I feel about my beautiful four poster bed? It is gorgeous – every hand turned inch of it. Obviously it was made and finished by a very fine craftsman!
— John L. | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
We received the bed and it is absolutely beautiful! We thank you and your staff! We will surely cherish the bed for many years to come. The quality of workmanship is outstanding – detailing on wood, finish, and careful engineering of brackets and “free float” design of headboard! It is exquisite! We would be happy to recommend your furniture to anyone!
— John and Lisa L. | West Lafayette, Indiana
Our tall post bed arrived safely and although I was expecting an excellent degree of workmanship, the product was beyond my expectations - in fact superb! We are delighted.
— Kathleen C. | Upland, California
Our beds have arrived, and we are quite pleased with them! The distressed finish is exactly what we wanted, and my husband who put them together is impressed once again with your fine workmanship. Four of our five bedrooms now have Reid Beds! We want to congratulate you on continuing to produce such an outstanding product!
— Gail W. | Jacksonville, Texas
Yes, our bed has arrived and it is all Plus More than we expected! We are extremely pleased with how it looks, and are most grateful for you getting it to us so speedily. It was here in plenty of time, so that our guests didn’t have to sleep on the floor!! You are to be commended and no doubt you’ll be hearing from us again in the future!
— G. Whorton | Grand Rapids, Michigan
Many times we have wanted to tell you how much we enjoy and love the beautiful pencil post bed that you made for us. Your workmanship is superb – every part fit together perfectly. We are so pleased with the design, the proportions, the construction, and the finish it’s beautiful. Thank you for making such a fine piece of furniture.
— Mary G. | Coupeville, Washington
Warren and I wanted to thank you for our beautiful bed. We couldn’t be more pleased with it. It looks so good with the dresser that is being used in the room with it. I know we shall enjoy it for the years to come and then hand it down for generations. It is truly a work of art!
— Elizabeth R. | Meridian, Mississippi
We received the beds (2) #7300 single and want to tell you that we are so pleased with them. They are perfectly lovely.
— Donal D. | Frankfort, Kentucky
I wanted to thank you and your employees for making such a beautiful bed. We are so pleased with the solidity, workmanship, and beauty. I really did not know such workmanship still was available. Even the packaging of it was so outstanding. There was no way it could have been damaged. Thank you and your men. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.
— Louis B. | Tallahassee, Florida
This is to let you know that our queen size plantation style four poster bed arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. My husband and I think it is simply beautiful. The fine craftsmanship and attention to every detail is remarkable in this day and age. We are proud to have such a fine piece of work in our house. Thank you.
— Karen L. | Cleveland Heights, Ohio
I just wanted you to know our bed arrived safely. It came the day after I wrote my note. My husband put it together and said it was built like a fine Swiss watch. We both love the bed. It certainly turned out to be a beautiful color.
— Sandy K. | Sarasota, California
The bed my wife ordered arrived safely last week. It was beautifully packed and was a pleasure to assemble. The bed is of the finest quality both in wood and craftsmanship, and will be a treasure to pass down to our descendants. You are to be congratulated on the excellence of your product!
— Daniel M. | Englewood, Colorado
My bed arrived on the 19th in beautiful condition. We are all thrilled with it. It more than meets my expectations. Thank you so very much!
— Jordan A. | Albuquerque, New Mexico
The bed arrived and it is simply beautiful! We are very, very pleased! Thank you so much for all your patience, fine workmanship, and cooperation!
— Margaret | Fifth Avenue, New York, New York
Our bed arrived in fine condition, being excellently packed. It is outstanding, and the color is perfect. We are most pleased, and you are to be complimented on the fine craftsmanship and design of the bed. Thank you for your expertise and cooperation during our purchase.
— Marc W. | Wayzata, Minnesota
I received my bed on June 27th exactly 10 weeks after I ordered it. I can’t be happier or more pleased with it. It’s fantastic. Thank you! I’d be the first to recommend Reid Classics!
— Patti A. | Miami, Florida
The beds arrived in fine shape and look even better than we anticipate. Thank you so much for rushing them. You might be interested in knowing that the first guest to sleep on one of the beds was from Birmingham, Alabama!
— Shirley M. | Washington, D.C.
We received our four-poster bed on May 28th, assembled it the following day, and have found it to be everything we could have wanted. The grain and finish of the mahogany is perfect, the proportions and carving excellent. All of our visitors who have seen it have admired the workmanship, detail and finish. I hope their interest develops into an order, for their enjoyment as well as for your business. I cannot recommend the product too highly! Thank you for your consideration in arranging the shipping and for an excellent piece of furniture generally.
— Gregory P. | Bethesda, Maryland
I just had to write you a not to tell you how thrilled we are over the bed!! It arrived in perfect condition and is truly a magnificent piece of workmanship.
The bed is even more beautiful than we imagined it would be. We hope to order a pencil post bed for our little girl next year. Thank you very much!
— Barbara S. | Columbus, Georgia
The bed arrived safely and is just perfect! We even had a good time putting it together and marveled at you perfect craftsmanship! It is exactly what I wanted and we feel you have created an heirloom for our family.
— Mrs. B. | Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
My beautiful beds arrived in great shape at just the right time. They fit in perfectly with all my antiques and look as though they have been there forever! Thank you so much for being so prompt and adding such beauty and charm to my home.
— Mary P. | Gainesville, Florida
You were so right about our bed! It is the most magnificent, beautiful bed that I have ever seen, and we are so proud of it. Would you please send me a catalogue and price list? I have an interested friend who would like a catalog also if you can send me two. Thank you so very much for your quality work and your eye for beauty. It is very much appreciated by us.
— Carolyn R. | Americus, Georgia
Our bed arrived in perfect condition, right on time for our daughters birthday. We are completely delighted with it in every way. It went together as smoothly as some mammoth jigsaw puzzle; your craftsmanship is most commendable. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you.
— Mary D. | Washington, D.C.
A few weeks ago we received delivery of a #7600 double bed with tester frame. It is rare in today’s world to be completely satisfied with any new product. Therefore it is with considerable delight that I would like to convey on behalf of my wife and I a report that the bed arrived in perfect condition and has exceeded even our very high expectations. We will certainly not hesitate to recommend your work to others.
— Donald G. | Vienna, Virginia